"I  highly recommend Reiki My Day. I had never had energy healing before  and I can truly say that it was amazing!  From the extreme relaxation to  the tingling in my body and the reflections just after the session,  everything was done in a professional and caring manner.  I now feel  energised and relaxed at the same time; and above all I feel happy.   Thank you very much, Reiki My Day for this fantastic experience!"

Carmen, Reading UK

"I would highly recommend Candice,  I’ve had several treatments from her for pain in my back,hands and knees and it’s helped me so much."

Val, Greenock Scotland

"I would definitely recommend this, it was a lovely amazing experience, can't wait to try again. thank you so much!"

Michelle, Greenock Scotland

"Candice sent a long distance Reiki healing to me in Greece.  I have been  suffering from some anxiety/panic attacks with this pandemic and not  sleeping well at all the last few months.  Her treatment has given me 2  blissful nights of sleep since she sent me the healing 2 days ago!!  I  highly recommend Candice's services.  Her follow up after the treatment  and the next day were very helpful.  Thank you again, Candice!!! "

Lesley, Greece

"Candice is an amazing young lady who kindly offered me a reiki treatment to help with my aching knee.  I didn't really believe in it at first, but when she started, the warmth in her hands immediately eased the pain!  Thank you very much again!"

Jana, Pesov Slovakia

"I had a series of remote reiki treatments with Candice and she was  absolutely fantastic. I was at a very low ebb after an illness and was  suffering with exhaustion and really not feeling well in myself at all.  Immediately after treatments I felt better, more together and noticed  more energy especially after the 2nd and 3rd treatment. I would  recommend her to anyone interested in having a reiki treatment.  Excellent and very understanding. Thank you so much AAA+++"

Nikki, London UK