Treatment info

The 5 Reiki Principles

What is reiki?

Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Key) is translated as Universal Life Force Energy. 

Reiki is a system of energy healing founded in the early 1900s by Japanese scholar Mikao Usui

What does a treatment involve?

Your Reiki treatment will take place while you are lying on a massage couch or sitting in a chair, whichever is most comfortable for you.

You will remain fully clothed during the treatment and will be covered with a blanket for comfort.

Throughout the treatment I will place my hands in various positions on your body and let the energy flow.  Treatment can be done hands on or hands off (my hands will be placed above your body) if you prefer.  Each technique works as well as the other, so just let me know which you are more comfortable with.

During treatment you may feel some sensations such as warm, cold or tingling throughout your body.  Some people see colours or fall asleep and some people feel nothing.  All of these reactions are normal and every treatment is different.

Your treatment will last around 50 minutes with time left at the end for feedback.

My aim with each and every treatment is to tailor it to your individual needs. This is your time to relax and my job to provide the perfect environment for that!

You can  read about how to personalise your treatment below.

Distant Reiki treatments

Reiki treatments can be sent over a distance to anywhere in the world.  Distance treatment is equally as effective as a hands on treatment and you will feel just as relaxed and refreshed during and afterwards. 

To arrange the appointment we would agree a time which is best for us both and will last around 30 minutes.  

During your treatment you should find a quite place to lie or sit, whichever is more comfortable for you. Get cosy under a blanket and enjoy!

I offer the option to have a video call consultation  or phone call before we start, but is not essential and treatment can still take place without this.

What can reiki help with?

As Reiki is a holistic treatment method, it works on all levels; Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki can help with, but is not limited to;

> Stress reduction

> Anxiety

> Depression

> Chronic Pain

> Recovery after surgery

> Fatigue

> Insomnia

> Headaches

> Grief and trauma

Reiki and medication

Reiki is used as a complimentary therapy alongside conventional medicine.  There are no know contraindications to Reiki when used on it's own, so is safe to have treatment even if you are taking medication. If you are on any medication, please take these as normal on the day of your appointment

Anything else i should know?

I work from my home and address will be provided on confirmation of appointment booking.

I do have a cat, it's very unlikely you will see him at your appointment as he likes to stay out the way, but just to keep in mind in case of allergies.

I would recommend wearing comfy clothes as it will help you relax.

It is important to drink lots of water after your treatment and in the following days, this flushes out any toxins that have been released.